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Garbage shaft cleaning and maintenance

We eliminate dirt, bad odors and bacteria generated by trash thrown through the shaft.

We offer professionalism and excellence in the cleaning and maintenance of the garbage shaft service.

Join the best ally for your gastronomic business.

Professionalism and excellence in the gastronomic industry. 
Solutions in technical cleaning, gastronomic supplies and fatty vapor extraction projects.

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We eliminate dirt, bad odors and bacteria generated by the garbage thrown through the shaft, to reduce pollution in your building.

Washing and disinfection of garbage cans and garbage room.

haft washing and disinfection trash- with application of degreasers- and pipeline cleaning machinery

Cleaning of access doors, garbage disposal area

Garbage shaft cleanliness guaranteed.

Our work techniques allow the garbage collection system to be completely clean and without bad odors, from the place of garbage disposal to the collection jars. Choose Grupo AM and optimize your operations.

Benefits for our clients

We offer security and confidence in the procedures.


We deliver visual inspection reports before and after carrying out the work.


We provide security and confidence in the procedures.


International certification.


We employ the use of robotic technology to reach hidden points, with trained teams.


Grupo AM stands out in commitment and rigor. I recommend them because they are an important company that complies and solves problems, in addition, they have a methodology and their personnel changes do not affect operations. Before, we did not have a professional service that was in charge of the cleaning and maintenance of extraction systems. Now I have confidence with them, as my vendor.
León Reynés
Melting Cook
What I highlight most about the work of Grupo AM is the perseverance and quality of work. I recommend them, due to the good experience we have had with them. The business situation with the other vendor, before contracting Grupo AM, was not good. Now, we feel supported by the quality of their work. I met them through an information via mail. Thank you for the services.
José Salkeld
Restaurante Sarita Colonia

We are driven by passion and professionalism in each project we work.

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